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Our Services

  • Computation of constitution type (mind and body) in order to promote equilibrium by prescribing herbal products for maintenance.
  • Designing customized diet plan as per requirement of individual.
  • Detailed guidance on regimens (food and activities) for daily basis and seasonal variance.
  • Recommendations of rejuvenation through herbs for all age groups.
  • Directions on anti-ageing therapies as mentioned in Ayurveda classical texts.
  • Prescription of detoxification therapies via food and herbs.
  • Dietary regimens and supportive herb recommendations for smooth mensuration cycle.
  • Herbal aid for reducing discomfort in menopausal syndrome.
  • Planning for a sustainable pregnancy by support in conceiving and preparing body from inside by detoxification and rejuvenation which imparts a strong uterus for bearing upcoming pregnancy.
  • Herbal solutions for pregnancy related illnesses like morning sickness, migraine, anemia, fever, cold and flu, acute and chronic cough, gestational diabetes, hypertension, placenta previa etc.
  • Herbal remedies
  • Mother and neonate care
  • Contribution in growth and development of a child through classical cited herb.
  • Promotes well being by raising immunity to fight back common seasonal ailments.
  • Herbal provision for common ailments such as fever, cold and flu, acute and chronic cough, bronchial asthma, epitasis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, constipation, UTI.
  • Comprehensive strategy regimens in terms of diet and herbs for children and adolescent diabetes, epilepsy, autism, skin diseases.
  • Provision of herbal eye care in improving vision and managing allergies.
  • Preparations of herbal formulations for enhancing memory and concentration.

A Comprehensive skin healthcare with herbal solutions for all ages.

Detailed plan for healthy lustrous hair with herbs and diet recommended by Ayurveda.

A proposal for healthy and strong mind through herbs, sattvic diet and yoga.


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